Selecting Wool Fleeces for Handspinning

The first stepin establishing a good yarn is of course selecting a fantastic fleece. At this time you can only buy wool or fleece carded into battingorder, but when you want to twist in the grease, as I often do, start with the perfect fleece. Once more, it is easier in case you find a respectable wool grower that covers their sheep. A covered sheep offer a fleece using a great deal less (vm) vegetable thing. The fiber won’t be sun bleached on the tips as well. If you are not sure where to find covered fleeces, contact Sharry Bone at Westfarthing Farms, -LRB-505-RRB-281-2065, and tell her that I sent you! Any way, start looking for a fleece that’s been skirted and S hook out. I can’t tell you just how boiled wool fabric it is to get a fleece home to locate feces and straw at the centre once I simply take it out of the bag. Bear in mind, fleeces are sold by weight, and that I paid for that wreck! Additionally, 2nd cuts would be the short little fibers created if a shearer goofs. They are inevitable, however a good and professional shearer could keep them to a minimum. Since you can not spin them, you never want them in the fleece, as once again, you’re paying for them. I’ve purchased nine pound fleeces and been lucky to receive four pounds of usable fiber! A good rotation staple length is 4 6 inches long. Anything briefer, and it is harder to twist. I’ve spun fiber just as three inches, however it’s not straightforward and the dye seems quite fuzzy. If this isn’t what you would like, I wouldn’t recommend it. Then consider strain. We’ll get in to different strains and type of wool they offer after, however if you’re new to spinning, start with a shetland, rambouillet, merino or corriedale fleece. Any of these will give you a light yarn you will be proud of using minimal if any itch element. Remember that smooth wool means greasy wool! So when the dye is spunwash in HOT water with a fantastic soap.

In summary, remember these important points…

Inch. Covered Sheep,

2. Very little Vegetable Matter,

3. Skirted Fleece,

4. 3-4 Inch Staple length,


Happy Spinning!

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