Choosing a Printing Method – Offset, Digital, Or Color Copies

Below is a quick guide on the different sorts of printing processes in order to help you make a decision which design is best to print your marketing piece.

Full-color countered printing involves taking your artwork data and creating a “plate” for each of the four process shades – black, cyan (blue), magenta (red), as well as yellow. Though you see numerous colors in the ended up product, just these 4 colors are used (additionally referred to as four-color procedure). These plates are packed into the printer as well as, one at a time, transfer the process colors to paper to create your ended up product.

Select countered print if:
oYou are publishing full-color, high amount – generally over 1000 pieces.
oYour work bleeds (images/color go off of the edges of the paper).
oA top notch piece is very important in the end product.
oYou could wait 7-10 days plus any kind of ship time color copies prints.

Digital generates a much better piece compared to a shade photo copier, as well as is similar to offset printing quality. This process could publish to big, top quality and also hefty weight paper stocks. Standard printing plates are not made use of, and these systems could combine listings and addresses to customize each piece as it passes through journalism.

Digital print is ideal if:
oOnly smaller sized quantities (under 1000 pieces) required.
oYou are publishing full color and also particularly if it bleeds.
oYou can wait 5 days plus ship time.

Shade Replicate
Some printing shop have high-speed color and black and white copiers that can create decent outcomes. Just like a lot of copiers, you are limited by the dimension and thickness of your paper and also the shade quality that is replicated. You could not get a 100% color suit all the moment. This could be essential when your logo design or branding colors need to reveal consistency in your advertising and marketing items.

Color copies are an excellent selection when:
oOnly a small number of items are needed.
oThe top quality of the piece is not vital.
oYour item does not bleed.
oYou could wait 1-2 days plus any kind of ship time.

Remember that the electronic art data you attend to printing might additionally influence the design of printing you can pick.

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