Organise Yourself to Protect Your Gambling Profits – Even If You Aren’t an Accountant

I would like to begin by suggesting a quick story that highlights why organisation is so helpful. About one year ago I had been taking advantage of a great deal of sports gambling free offers in quick succession. I went through probably six within a couple of weeks.

I was pretty new to internet gaming in days past and did not really worry about keeping records of exactly what I was doing. I only went in one offer to a second and looked in on my banking accounts once in awhile to make sure it had been steadily increasing. Organisation and record keeping are for accountants – well that is exactly what I thought afterward.

A few months later I happened to log into a gclub

account which I had forgotten that I had signed up to. It was that I had retreated #50 there and forgot about it. Even though #50 does not appear to be much money if I had done this several times it could have assembled to a significant amount.

I moved and checked back through my mails and tried different websites that I might have already joined up to. I found another #75 in winnings that I had forgotten to draw out of 4 months previously. There could have been more on the market I really don’t know.

However, that has been enough money nearly lost to make me reconsider my attitude towards keeping records. Now I keep a tab on the date I combine a site, the name of the website, the amount deposited, the likelihood staked and laid (if I am matched betting), the net profit and the details of any cashback I have received.

1 benefit of this is that I had never considered earlier is that periodically the bookie can make a mistake in your payout. In addition, it guarantees that you’ll always remember a deposit that you have made and some other cashback owed to you could be chased upward whether it is not awarded.

It is really easy to create a spreadsheet in excel or whatever package you’re using. Keeping it up to date is easy too – just get into the practice of recording the information as soon as you have left a bet or connected a brand new site. It soon becomes a habit that you will be glad you adopted.

Therefore no excuses, very good record keeping is not only for accountants. Start being more organised and do your own bank accounts a favor.

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