Getting Better at Shooting Games

No good at shooting games, or FPS games? Here are some tips.

1.) Have a good computer. Increasing your FPS will greatly help you in-game, seeing as your weapon fires how many bullets per second your computer can handle. Having a top-end computer is not necessary for this, however you don’t want to be the one lagging up the entire room.

2.) Don’t hack! Many players will find they aren’t good at first-person shooters, and will give up. They don’t just give up, they go to hacking. Hacking is a nuisance and can get you banned or decrease your reputation in the game Apk Mod.

3.) Practice, practice, and practice some more. There are no secrets out there that are better than flat-out playing the game for a while and getting the jist of it. Shooting games take time if you are just getting into them, have no experience and not much hand-eye coordination.

4.) Turn your mouse settings all the way up. Why? Because if you learn to control your mouse movements, you can control your character more quickly and precise, and more importantly, your aiming. Having your mouse settings on high means you have the opportunity to react with a fast turn. If you have your settings on low, well it will take a couple seconds for you to turn around and figure out you are getting shot at.

5.) For everyone out there with low end computers, turn your settings down! There is no need for all the shaders and effects, graphics and physics when your computer can’t handle them. As I said in the first tip, you can only fire as many bullets per second as your computer can manage.

6.) Drink Mountain Dew. All that caffeine will give you a hype boost and increase your alertness. And when your alertness is increased, so is your reaction time. All the pros tell me, drink Mountain Dew. I highly recommend this.

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