Your App Can Make You More MONEY

More recently, we are living in a age of technology. Almost all of us utilize smartphones using various programs. There are a number of apps that may help you to make money using one single click. All these apps are available free for both Android and i-OS users. Let’s have a look at those programs that can assist you to earn money.


This is a program for both Android along ACMarket with i-OS users. If you are a foodie, subsequently create your daily meal count with the help of this program. This program is connected with your Paytm account. You just have to incorporate a charge receipt of your meal. When you upload the bill, the app can cover you 5rs per uploaded bill and the total amount will be credited to your Paytm account. Additionally for every upload you will likely be rewarded with loyalty points (Yumies), that is used to play Yotto to win exciting prizes. You can find Reserved/Live deals where you can locate some particular restaurants or resorts in your neighborhood which provides you with longer yummies for limited time. The program also shows the neighboring hotels using their distances from the place.

2. KEETTOO Keyboard

It’s also a free app for Android users. With the help of this program, your computer keyboard can be used as a platform for advertisements distinct brands. After you put in the app, push notifications will probably appear in your cellular screen to observe the advertisements. You’re going to soon be rewarded with 1rs per advertisement you watch. The sum will be credited to Paytm accounts or Mobikwik account.


This is just a free program for Android and iOS. This program doesn’t provide you straight money. You’re going to be rewarded by tickets when you talk or invite individuals from the contacts. You can utilize these tickets weekly lucky draw. In the event that you win you will find a notification. There is option to move your winning amount directly to your own bank account. The winning number can given for you in form amazon or even flipkart gift vouchers.


This is really a free program for Android and iOS. This app turns your photos into real money. You want to register for free on Foap touse it. You have to upload your photos into ‘Foap MarketPlace’ to make them ready available for sale. Once photo comes, the author can get 5 $. Every assignment is rewarded with a decoration beginning with 100$.


These two really are free programs for android. The money from both of these apps can be used to recharge your prepaid phone numbers. After enrolling, you’re going to be given with a listing of programs that you are able to down load. When you’ll download programs from the checklist, points/balance is included into your account. Mcent will only provide you set of apps. In 1 Paisa, then you’re going to likely be rewarded with things for watching videos. Additionally you will be imputed to points whenever you encourage your friends.


It’s a free Android app. After downloading this program, you will see advertisements in your lock screen. You’re going to be rewarded with carats. 1000 carats equals to just 1 $. With the help of PayPal account, you’ll be able to convert your own carats into money on 15 th of every month.


There are many online shopping sites available today. There are distinct wallets like Paytm, freecharge, Mobikwik which offer users cash back when you purchase some stuffs on the web. There are various deals on different services and products and the cashback amount varies from product to product. The cashback is credited into your wallet and will be used for further trades.

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