Travel Tips For Visiting The Amazon In Bolivia And Ecuador

One of the huge benefits of going to the Amazon in both Ecuador and Bolivia is that it costs significantly less than something similar in Peru or Brazil.

Tours to Bolivia

The jumping off point in Bolivia is Rurrenabaque that can be reached from La Paz either by flying or taking a bus for twenty hours. Obviously you save money in the bus journey but be ready to sacrifice your comfort when using this option.

Once you arrive at the destination prefer to stay in Pampas which is a wetland located right over the fringes of Amazon or there is another excellent option of venturing straight inside the jungles of Amazon. Staying in Pampas is definitely a cost effective option and you don’t have to worry about the presence of wildlife as one can very easily witness many wildlife activities and lots of animals like alligators, pink dolphins, jungle monkeys, tortoise and various other rare species. Because the vegetation isn’t dense as it is in the jungle, you can view the wildlife with less effort.

To get here, you’ll take a jeep ride (approximately 3 hours) from Rurrenabaque and then go by motor-driven canoe around another 3 hours to the pampas where you will stay over night. If you’re thinking about tours there is not much difference but you surely must check out the overall worth of the living place that you have chosen from a quality perspective. There may be significant quality differences among different holiday accommodation facilities and by paying a little extra you can have access to private rooms and top quality bungalows.

The opportunities of seeing wildlife are significantly reduced when you’re venturing out into the dense jungle areas but the overall quality and privacy of the place is quite high and you can find a deep sense of tranquility far from the hustle and bustle of holidaymakers peru amazon cruise. A good place to stay would be eco-lodges which provide in depth knowledge regarding natural vegetation, animals and rare herbs having high medical properties. Various activities like jungle tours, fishing adventures, boat trips etc can be planned during the stay in a lodge.


Although Ecuador only holds a very small percentage of the Amazon, the jungle makes up approximately one third of the country. The main touring parts of the jungle are in close proximity with Quito, the capital of Bolivia and this allows easy travelling. Coca, Tena and Lago Agrio are three prominent places form where jungle tours will commence. Every place has something different to offer in regard to plant life and animals.

With an 8-10 hour bus ride from the capital, one can reach Lago Agrio. To get to your accommodation places in Limoncocha Biological Reserve or Cuyabeno Reserve you will have to endure a 3 hour ground journey and then an additional 2 hours of water based travel by canoe. Typically the most popular thrill associated with the amazing destinations of Limoncocha and Cuyabeno has to be those stunning birds and tourists love the opportunities to see rare bird species in their natural environment. There are numerous species such as hawks, eagles, toucans, macaws, parrots as well as hummingbirds.

Along with these two reserves you may also visit Huaorani Reserve and Yasuna National Park using bus facilities from Coca and Quito which will take about ten hours of travelling time. Yasuna has to be among the most enriched areas when you’re concerned about bio-diversity and UNESCO has taken the vital step of proclaiming the area as an International Biosphere in order to protect it from human aggression. Tourists eager to know details regarding local traditions will have the best chances in the Huaorano Reserve. Know that whatever eco-tour you pick, only communities that want to be visited are on the itinerary.

Tena is pretty close to Quito and one can get there easily by using bus services that normally take approximately 4 to 6 hours. It is well developed as a vacation spot and allows people to make a simple and easy side trip from the capital. Staying in Tena, one can then take day hikes inside the jungle, however, this will offer less opportunity for viewing wildlife than the other available choices.

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